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Video Quality

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Hi i have a sony DCRTRV33 cam corder and a p.c with the following specs

P4 3.06GHz (HT)
120 GB Deskstar HDD
Gefroce FX5200 graphics card

I am currently using a trial version of video studio to see if i can get the hang of video editing.

What i want to do is take some video i have got on my cam corder and make some changes then burn it onto dvd. However when i do this the output quality is very poor, even though i have transfered it at the highest resolution the software will let me, 724*something! (sorry cant remember the resolution)

Any suggestions on improving the quality would be great thanks

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Firewire is the best way to do video transfers---When you say the quality is not good--could you be more descriptive. The process is as follows---

1. Capture the video into the NLE---most NLE's will let you know if you are dropping frames---if you are not then you have essentially moved the date from your camera to your hard drive with no degradation.

2. Next step would be to edit the piece--every change you make to the original footage will have to be rendered and depending upon the quality of the codec, there will be some loss of quality. I use Vegas as my NLE and the quality loss is negligable. I have never heard of Video Studio so I can't comment on the codec.

3. Last step is to convert to MPEG2 (make sure its MPEG2) and burn to the DVD. MPEG does much compression and you should chose your best setting for this.
The cables are very expensive---By the way, make sure that your fire wire card has a TI chipset---the others are terrible.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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