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Video prob

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I just went back to win98 from 2k pro. My radeon card was working fine on 2k, but now it freezes up everytime I install it right before windows starts up. That is not really my problem. I went ahead and installed a voodoo card that I has around the house. Installed fine. Now my on Board card (rage pro) is not working. I have all he correct drivers installed for it. This is the error it is giving me. Can anyone help? thanks, Barret

Multiple display support can not start this device. The area of memory normmally used by video is in use by another program or device.

To enable multiple display support, remove EMM386 or other memory managers from Config.sys and restart your computer.

There is only one line I see in config.sys (by using msconfig), and it it not a memory prog, or EMM386.

Card one --voodoo3 2000 (pci)
Card two---(on board) rage pro turbo agp 2x
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Is your Raden for AGP?

Some board requires you to disable onboard graphic when you install expansion graphic card in PCI slot.(AGP card will be configured automatically.)

You don't need multiple display, do you?

MY radeon card is PCI. Yes, I do need multiple display. The whole reason for two video cards is to run dual monitors. I like to use them both when I design, and for other reasons.

Check Device manager and see if both videos are listed.

Did you try add/remove hardware?

Remove video card, reboot to make your onboard video use the memory address which the error message was referring to.
Shut down, put the card back in and let the windows detect it.

I did try that once, but i will give it a try again. I was very tired at the time, and who knows, I could have made a mistake.
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