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Hopefully you can help.
I am trying to play an .avi file that i know works because i have watched on a friends PC. I can see it for a second but then an error report opens and the player closes. This happens in realplayer, wmplayer, divx, and power dvd. Also i have noticed if i dont close the error report the file seems to play fine in wmp, but with no sound.

Here is an example error message:

Faulting application wmplayer.exe, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x00000000.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

0000: 6c707041 74616369 206e6f69 6c696146
0010: 20657275 706d7720 6579616c 78652e72
0020: 2e392065 2e302e30 30383932 206e6920
0030: 6e6b6e75 206e776f 2e302e30 20302e30
0040: 6f207461 65736666 30302074 30303030
0050: 0a0d3030

Can any one help? I am using XP home edition?
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