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Video films and DVD's.

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Hi, Gang - Nice to see you again :) !

I recently installed a Sony DVD burner to add to my CD burner.

My DV camera is a Panasonic 3eed 2.5 mega-pixel.

The results on the screen of the camera, during download with Panasonic's own supplied software, and on the computer screen on re-runs with Real player, etc. are excellent.
The trouble starts when I try to burn - principally using Nero.

The results are apalling and of the poorest quality I have yet seen of any clip.
Bits of knowledge that I have picked up here and there from local gurus, say I have to convert the format. My son says use winavi.converter.
I have tried......and I am having no results.

Can anyone out there help me - and also explain, by the way - why a DV camera, using its own supplied software, doesn't automatically download in a format ready to burn - or am I missing something?:confused:

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Howdy... nice to see you as well...
great question for this forum...
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