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Video Card - Is it worth the cost?

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I've got a Leadtek WinFast GeForce2 MX-MX64


I bought it with a new computer recently but have found it to be possibly the lowest spec Geforce you can buy. It doesn't even need a fan. I only get about 1200 at low rest in 3D mark 2001. My system is a P4 1.5 GHZ with 256 DDR.

I've got quite a bit of money to burn and have by sights on an Asus V8200 T5 Geforce 3 Ti500 pure.

see review at

Will I see a performance increase and if it is worth buying, is there a better brand?
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I think it is definitely worth it, if you are upgrading from a piece of crap video card. I still run an ati [email protected] agp 8mb video card.

It really matters if you think it is worth it.

Either way, the asus deluxe is one feature-rich awesome-performing S.O.B!!!

It doesn't really matter if you utilize all of the GeForce's power, just get the best you can get with the $$$$ you want to spend.
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