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very slow download/throughput speed

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Hi, I am not an expert , but am learning slowly.

My download/throughput speeds are very slow indeed.

I have a 56K modem. My connection speeds are between 38-40Kbps. My throughput(Eminion) is only 25-28Kbps.
I am running Windows NT4 with OE5.5.
I have AVG 60 firewall & my disc is not full up.
When I enter OE it is easy to stall/freeze the PC.
Downloading websites seem to take 2-3 times longer now than
they did last year.
I have no hard disc backup & am very wary of losing programs or files.

Could anyone give me an indication where I should start looking for the fault please??:confused:

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welcome to T.S.G. foxfire.
go here:
and download "startuplist" run the program copy/paste the result here and someone will take a look.;)
We need to see what is running on your compter. The link above will suppy the information requried to start looking.
Thank you very much.Will come back to you both.

Am, having problems downloading/unzipping the lurkhere nice file
(spent four hours on it yesterday) but intend to sort it myself.
Will come back to you when successful
Please refer to later post dated22nd January03 @9.03pm which contains startup list for appraisal.thank you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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