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Very Professional!

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I've seen alot of Tech Websites in the past few years. I am even a mod at one. But I must say this is a very well established team of helpers. Keep up the good work. You even use the best BBS ever made, vBulletin. I plan on keeping this place in my IE Bookmarks ;)

~DJ Crazy Jimmy
Mod @
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WOW, I'll have to hang around if this place is that good! :D:D:D
I may make a couple post also. :D
No way, this place stinks!

I'd be out of here so fast, if I could only find my way!

:D There is no way out. :D
Poor DJ...hasn't found random yet...hopefully he'll learn in time !! :)
I have to say, some moderators and members are really patient while extending computer assistance.
Definatly hats off to the site mods..Ya'll made very friendly and informative forums :)
No question about it... I frequent a number of different forums and TSG has the least BS and anger along with clear and concise help with probs. The mods are timely and fair in their control of the posted material. Great group of people. :up: :D

I've seen threads on some other forums go on and on and on about who's right and who's wrong spiced up with ego and just plain immaturity. Doesn't seem to happen here and I for one have a great appreciation for that particular aspect. If someone screws up, they genarally ackowledge it and take their lumps. Ain't no big deal that way. Not that it occurs all that much. :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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