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VBA Script for sending automatic reminder mails

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Hi everyone,
This is my first query on this forum.
I was looking for a VBA Script to run a macro for Excel 2010 which could be used to send out reminders mails to multiple mail IDs in Outlook 2010, 14 days before the expiry of certain contracts.
The details of the input sheet are as shown below:
Col. A 'Sl. no.',
Col. B 'Vendor name',
Col. C 'Effective Date', (mm/dd/yyyy)
Col. D 'expiration Date', (mm/dd/yyyy)
Col. E 'e-mail',
Col. F 'Reminder'

As shown above, a reminder mail should be sent 14 days before the expiry date "Col. D" with the
E-mail message "Your Contract with <Vendor Name> expires on <Expiry date>. Please initiate formalities for renewal of this contract".
This mail would have to be sent to be sent to 15-20 E-mail IDs in Col. E. With the above-mentioned message. Also, once the reminder mail is sent the, the timestamp of that action should appear in Col. F 'Reminder'.
Sample input sheet has been attached.

I'm a beginner at macros and VB, any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you,
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