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I have developed an application for work that simply sits in the system tray and shows small reminders (Very much like the Outlook type reminders). I have adapted the code for my own use at home (Ans possibly at work) and added a small notepad type window that allows me to take notes while I am surfing/working.

The final thing I want this application to do is to prevent popup windows as generated by an IE session. I have used about 4 different lots of code that have been suggested and in all cases it either wants me to make a "Safe" list or opens a window and expects me to close the popup windows myself.

Neither is what I want to do. I need to have a popup blocker that works on the same principle as "PopupStopper" by "PanicWare", where you can block ALL popups except when you hold a specific key while the window is opening. (CTRL)

Can anyone help me with some code please? I have added classes and modules and declarations and none have done what was intended. I don't want to edit or type anything while I am surfing, and I don't want to have to create "Safe" lists etc. Its got to be small and quick and simple (So that people at work can use it!) and it must be able to just drop into an existing project.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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