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vb3 Upgrade Completed

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- Post counts now show the actual number posts for each person (some people lost some from way back, or that had been deleted.)

- We lost 7,000 members! Well, not really. When cleaning out the databases, I found 7,000 members with invalid email addresses who never posted. I just deleted them... which means we get to celebrate 100,000 again! :)

- Who's Online doesn't always show proper location of users. I'll fix this one.
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Yeah, have a look at the list in my first post here... I'm going to have to do some work to the Who's Online bit, but that'll be later. For now, I'm going out to dinner to give you guys some time to break things. :)
Email notifications are back on for Random -- see for the announcement. You can turn them off in your User CP, though, by changing your subscription.

Looking into the PM reply button thing now.
Looks like vBulletin decided to have the Quote button rather than reply -- pretty stupid if you ask me. I'm going to try to at least change what the button says.
You guys gotta visit Site Comments more often... here's the thread mentioning Tech %: :)

FYI, post icons have nothing to do with the reply icon... but, yeah, the reply_pm.gif and code described in that vbulletin thread is exactly what I used to get the reply button to appear the way it is now, even though it says "Post" in it.
Hewee: Netscape only allows one-lined previews. There's no way for each person to turn them off, as far as I know. Will look into the PM download.

Jedi: What are you talking about? Maybe you need to use the [ code ] vb?
Still 2000 characters per PM. PM box size for "normal" members is 200, and can send to a maximum of 5 people at a time. PM box size for a donating member is 1000, and can send to a maximum of 15 people at a time. (Sorry, vb doesn't allow me to change the 2000 character limit on the basis of member status. Thought I'd answer before you ask. :) )
It just lets the Moderators know why you edited/deleted it, if you care to share. Not a big deal.
The primary use will be that if a Moderator edits a thread, he/she can enter the reason to let other Moderators know!
I think that was yesterday, not this morning... But we had a few people point it out. :)
I just set it to 5000 and we'll see if it does anything to the search performance.
If you're looking at a forum listing, there are two search drop-downs at the top: one that says "Search" (and they "Search Forums" when it pops down) and the other says "Search this Forum".
Yup, that should show and thread in which your name is mentioned -- Coffee Shop is only one thread, though. :)
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