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vb3 Upgrade Completed

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- Post counts now show the actual number posts for each person (some people lost some from way back, or that had been deleted.)

- We lost 7,000 members! Well, not really. When cleaning out the databases, I found 7,000 members with invalid email addresses who never posted. I just deleted them... which means we get to celebrate 100,000 again! :)

- Who's Online doesn't always show proper location of users. I'll fix this one.
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Yay!! looks great mike!!! :up:
Enjoy some time off Mike! You deserve it. I hope the ribs taste good! :D
Small bug here. "online.php" line is showing at top of view profile page:


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Agree totally with Rog on this one. I always looked for the big black dot on the thread to find the ones I've posted in.
why are some of the thread titles bold
New post in thread?
I'm not getting any e-mail notifications. Probably because I have unsubscribed from all threads. :confused:
You are currently using 104.72 MB to store 1,614 uploaded attachments
Hewee! :eek: 104 megs? You better give Mike more $$$ for HDD space! :D
1 - 7 of 149 Posts
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