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vb3 Upgrade Completed

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- Post counts now show the actual number posts for each person (some people lost some from way back, or that had been deleted.)

- We lost 7,000 members! Well, not really. When cleaning out the databases, I found 7,000 members with invalid email addresses who never posted. I just deleted them... which means we get to celebrate 100,000 again! :)

- Who's Online doesn't always show proper location of users. I'll fix this one.
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Yes!!! I was having terrible withdrawal symptoms!!!! :p Looks great Mike!!!! Take care and thanks! angel :)
Mike: You have some code showing on the "Who's Online" page. :) Take care! angel


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Will do Mike! Enjoy dinner!!! The new logo is great! Take care. angel :)
Rockn: That's the color change associated with saving the screenshot to a gif in paint! :) It's kind of pretty actually! Have a lovely Sunday...only two more days to AI!!! :p Take care! angel :)
There's no reply button in pm's either. :)
Ha ha Candy! :p :D
Mike: When we edit a post there is a text box to fill in the "reason for the edit"...while we don't have to fill it in...where does the answer go to if we do??? :) Take care! angel :)
:) Thanks Mike....all I did was edit the word Walmart to Wal-mart in the title of my thread! :D Take care! angel :)
Okis dokie! :)
Mike: From this morning about 7:25 a.m. EDT. A fluke maybe! Take care. angel :)


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Mike: Is there any way to put Announcements and CivDeb forum links back at the top of the random forum page like before? I keep on subconsciously going to that spot to get to those two forums! :) Take care. angel :)
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