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vb3 Upgrade Completed

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- Post counts now show the actual number posts for each person (some people lost some from way back, or that had been deleted.)

- We lost 7,000 members! Well, not really. When cleaning out the databases, I found 7,000 members with invalid email addresses who never posted. I just deleted them... which means we get to celebrate 100,000 again! :)

- Who's Online doesn't always show proper location of users. I'll fix this one.
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I feel like I'm in a new car and don't know where the controls are
I agree. The placing of the various controls is a bit confusing. For example: the "New Posts" Tab on the old board was much easier to find at first glance rather than having to study the line on the top of the page to find out where it was relegated to in this upgrade.

Also, it looks to me that advertising space has been increased. They take nearly 3 inches off the right side of the screen now :(

The Font size for the Help on the net > Techguy Forums at top of pages is smaller, and it looks as if size cannot be increased to make things -- including posts -- easier to read.

The Posts showing up in black on yellow whenever you get near title of a post is very annoying

The time, when Posting, is an hour slow.
Another thing which has been changed -- and not for the better in my opinion -- is that with this new Board there is no way to clear the "New Posts" listing like on the old Board.
VB3 bug to be looked int:

No way to clear "New Posts" list. :down:

Also: WHY was the % of Tech Posts discontinued in VB3 update :down:
1 - 3 of 149 Posts
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