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VB Error Msg

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HALP! I tried to reinstall AT&T Worldnet ISP software after it was seriously fouled by a fax shareware program I foolishly downloaded from the web. When the AT&T program launches for setting up an account or reactivating an old account, I get a VB error message: Failed Advise Event Source. Then the AT&T software hangs and does nothing. AT&T tells me this is a Microsoft problem. Microsoft won't own up to it either...unless I fork over cash. I am about to freak out and reformat my whole system and start from scratch. Can anyone tell me what this error msg. means and what I can do to purge it and the problem? Is this an ActiveX weirdness?

Many thanks in advance!

Ferne, on the verge of freak-out
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After removing the programs, if possible, in Add/Remove Programs; Restart; Then in Program Files there will be corresponding folders that need to be right-click deleted; Then a compulsory restart for GP's. Both applications in question, Ok?

Now after all that, try re-installing the Internet software.

BTW, did you know that it may not be necessary to use the AT&T install CD? Oft times the Online Services Startup Group has AT&T Worldnet already in it. You can add/remove that startup group from Windows in the Add/Remove Programs control panel via the Windows Setup tab.

Get free Zone Alarm personal firewall anti-hacker countermeasure from (not the demo) Don't let anything out to the Internet you don't know what it is.

Update your antivirus, temporarily disable your screen saver and scan with your anti-virus set to scan All Files. Update and scan bi-monthly. Create your anti-virus' Rescue disk(s) and update them after each Windows anti-virus update.

You can scan on-line to double-check your Windows scanner at
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Ah well...tried all that and I still have that VB error script show up when I try to install AT&T Worldnet. I also have mIRC launching a hexplore screen and it appears to be running continuously in the background because I get a msg that it's running when I try to uninstall it and I have NO idea where that program came from. I think my HAL9000 is melting down. Guess it's time for a reformat of the C drive.

But thanks anyway!

First clean out your Startup folder - Start; Programs; Startup. Right click each item in turn there and choose delete. I have only 'swtray' there, the joystick driver, and it has to be there. On most machines you don't want anything in that folder.

Check your available resources by right-clicking My Computer; clicking Properties; Click the Performance tab. Resources available are displayed as percent there at top. Check it when you get done running the System Configuration Utility mentioned below.

Clicking Start; Run; typing 'msconfig', without the quoatation marks, in the Run box and clicking OK; Then clicking the Startup tab; Uncheck anything you don't need running in the background. For reference on what's not needed running in the background in the System Configuration Utility view this website first and print out the list:
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