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using Dos Prompt for Restoring Sys files

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I need some help.
How can i restore deleted files located in recycle bin from dos prompt?
Because i cant start win98 because of some missing system files (like VMM32.vxd). -which i am trying to restore.

Thanks for your help.

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If you have already dumped the recycle bin you can't get them back. But if you have not then you simply open the recycle bin & right click on them & then click restore
Hi infera, :)

If you happen to have a copy of the
DOS UNDELETE.EXE file, you might
recover them, but you have to run the
LOCK command first, and you must run
UNDELETE for each directory where the
deleted files were located. If you've
done any file activity (file copying, etc.),
then you're probably gonna have to
re-install Windows because the deleted
files will have most likely been overwritten.

Have you tried pressing F8 during startup
to see if Windows will load in safe mode?

Hiya SL, :)

Apparently they can't get into Windows
to use the recycle bin...

Cheers, Mac

EDIT - Here's a link with instructions to get

ONE OTHER THING - Do NOT copy the file
to the computer with the deleted files, or
you may overwrite some of them. Always
use UNDELETE.EXE from a diskette if it's
not already on your computer.
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just out of curiosity, have you tried extracting them from your original system discs? that might be another thing to try before reformatting...
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