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Using 256mb-up RAM with Win98?

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I have a PII 400mhz with win98se. I was told by a local computer store that win98 wouldnt utilize over 256mb of ram. I know that in config.sys you can change it up to 768 (which is what i want to use), but the guy says it wont do any good. I know that my computer will hold up to 768mb in the 3 sockets (256 per) and it was made back in 98 or so. Why would they even make it accept 768mb if it wouldnt eve use it? The guy says I'd be wasting my money, and I'm just confused now!

Any help?

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why do you think you need so much RAM?

I mean i have a P4 1.4gHz....... running 384mb'S OF RAMBUS... I'll never need anymore than that
Using Windows 98SE you can run into problems when you have more than 512MB of RAM. You may not be able to use DOS while Windows is running or the computer may hang while Windows is starting. There are workarounds but they don't always work so why not just go with 512 MB and see how that works.
Unless the “guy” knows something about your system that I don’t he is not correct. Win98 officially supports up to a Gig of RAM. MS claimed a higher number in the past but they have revised their limit to a Gig. If your MB supports 768Mb, Win 98 will run it quite efficiently.

There is an issue with having to limit your vcache to 512Mb so you don’t run out of memory addresses if you have more than 512 RAM, but that doesn’t affect your program’s ability to use all of the RAM. If you actually use the RAM you are unlikely to encounter the problem as you have to cache over 512Mb. You would have to leave your computer on 24/7 and not have large program RAM demands to flush the cache. I have 512Mb on a Win98 machine and have never seen my cache over 300 Mb even though I leave the computer on 24/7. I could use more for Photoshop as I work with large files but my MB is limited to 512. I saw a definite improvement from 256 to 512Mb.

A lot of people get more RAM than they need and don’t see any improvement over 256Mb. So the myth of the 256MB sweet spot for Win98 seems to have come from people who loaded RAM they aren’t using. If you are working with large graphics files or streaming video you will definitely notice an improvement. If you are not working with something that requires large amounts of RAM, don’t waste your money on RAM you don’t need.
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i was going to be using it for gaming and such. my system doesnt have an agp slot so i have to use a pci video card and they are quite pricey so i figured id go with something like a 32mb card and a buttload of ram. lol

you think thats a good idea or should i just stick with 256-512?

thanks for all the replies so far.
Gaming is not that RAM intensive. The better video card will definitely help, but I would think 256 Mb RAM would be plenty. Don’t go over 512.
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