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User Management System

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Hi, I'm desperately looking for something I need for my startup. I have a payroll business and am wanting to expand to include online payroll features for my website. I use WYSIWYG Web Builder to create and edit my website. I have no coding experience so I need either a 3rd party software or website to help me out, or someone I can pay a fee to complete this for me.

1. I want them to be able to create an account on the website. Then they can see their personal profile page.
2. I don't need them to add all of their information to create the website, but after the account is created, I need them to fill out the rest of their information.
3. Then I need them a page to add, edit, delete and view all of their employees. And maybe a table or something for the user to enter the hours for each employee and then can hit a submit button. The data can just be sent to me via e-mail or by being connected to an excel spreadsheet that is updated when they submit their data.

That's all I pretty much need. I know it's going to require a database for that information to be stored and retrieved. I know that the pages will have to have a good amount of security and protection as it will have private data stored on these pages and in these databases.

I know WYSIWYG has a user login system but it's rather simple for what I need. Is there someone rather cheap that can work with me on building this or is there an open source software or something similar that I can use to help build this. Remember, I have no coding experience of my own. I'm tech savvy, just not in that aspect whatsoever. I did see something regarding something called "CRUD". Not sure if that can help point me in the right direction. If anything, is there a web builder that does do this I can switch to?

I see user login systems on just about any website where these functions seem to be available and easily implemented. Even on this site. This seems to be a common feature available everywhere and on almost any website but I literally cannot find a full length tutorial or 3rd party to help me out and I've been looking for weeks.
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Obviously I don't know everything that exists on the internet, perhaps just the thing is hiding on the 76th page of Google. But from what I'm reading:
  1. You want something relatively niche.
  2. You absolutely need it to be secure.
  3. You don't actually know exactly what it is you need.
  4. You are going to quickly discover a hundred other things that you want it to do, and you need a strong enough foundation to support this extension. (For example, people in this age are not accustomed to waiting for you to update their account by hand from an email)
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but while you could find plenty of tutorials or platforms that would help with creating a basic user account (and most of them are incomplete, inextensible and insecure) you're not going to find anything like this lying around.
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Since this includes payroll and potentially confidential employee records I would strongly urge you to hire a proper professional firm to do this for you, there may even be laws you and the site needs to adhere too.
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