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User Login log

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This seems easy but I can't seem to find where to log user logons and logoffs on my win2k pro machines. I've got an office environ where multiple users use 1 computer and they have seperate user names and passwords. I'd like to be able to log and view the log of when the users login and out.

I tried event viewer but that only gives me the info of when the computer starts up. Any suggestions?
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I don't have 2K in front of me but in XP which I would think is the same, if you expand the tree for "Event Viewer" you should see three logs titled Applications, Security and System. The log for "Security" will give you the Logon/Logoff dates and times.

If you still don't see it, be sure you have Admin rights and if not, log in as Administrator and then check the Event Viewer.
Not seeing it under administrator. Is there a way to start the service or log process?
I'll have to look into it when I get a chance. I just checked a W2K PC I have and it too has a log for Security.
Check on the ControlPanel under Administative Tools>Local Security Policy>Local Policies>Audit Policies.

Now in the right pane, check to be sure auditing is turned on for successes and failures on the following two items

Audit Account Logon Events and Audit Logon Events
I've yet to explore the security policy features in depth, I better get on that!

That did the trick, thanks Bryan.
Your welcome .....
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