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USB Mouse keeps dropping connection

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Hi, I have an user whos USB mouse connection keeps dropping (disconnecting/mouse does not move). He has to unplug the mouse and plug it back in for it to work again. Wondering if someone has any ideas.
He has a Dell D600 with Windows XP SP1

Things i have tired ..
Tried 3 different mice.
Installed updated mouse drivers.
Uninstalled and let windows install the USB port drivers.
Changed the power managment on USB ports so its on all the time.
Tried plugging it straight without the docking station.
Used a different docking station.
Deleted all mouse and pointer devices from "Hardware Manager" and let windows reinstall it.

Cant think of anything else that i have tried .. but it still does the same thing. Currently trying out a PS2 mouse. Wondering if anyone had any other ideas.
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Hello and welcome to TSG!

Have you tried installing the latest motherboard chipset drivers?
Have you tried updating the BIOS?
Any reason why he's only got XP SP1? He really should be using SP2.
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