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USB install causes XP crash

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Hi people,
I have a problem with XP SP2 on a new install - new HD. There are several USB attachments all working fine.
Except that I can't get a CANON MP390 to work on the new install. Everything SEEMS ok it just comes up with an unspecified print error. It used to work fine.
However: I have a USB error comes up on the System Manager - red "X" and
XP finds a new "composite USB DEvice" on startup.
If I let it attempt to set it up it crashes horribly with the BSOD.

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ZEUS_GB said:

Uninstall the printer drivers, disconnect the printer, update your motherboard chipset drivers, install the drivers again and leave the printer disconnected until the installation prompts you to plug it in.

What does the blue screen say?
Hi Zeus,
It's the Windows standard - " A Device caused a conflict and Windows is Restarting the System" Bit too quick to read fully!
Have done the above except for chipset drivers, but it WAS working previously....
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