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USB hit by lightening

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about 2 years ago I was using dsl modem plugged into my usb port well i was fortunate that all i lost was my power supply. That is until last year I was having my wireless roadrunner installed and tech guy said i had to use an ethernet card and plug directly into modem because my usb ports were not working. I never used the usb ports other then for my modem so I hd no idea there was a problem with them. I figured it was a conflict with their product, then my husband bought me a digital camera and it will not work on my usb ports works fine on everyone elses. my hardware file shows usb as working with no conflicts but when ever you plug anything in its not recognized my camera does recognize the pc though. My stats are below if anyone has any ideas ( i am assuming somthing got fried thats why I have not messed with it but i really need to use my cam on my pc not the kids.)

win 98 se
pent III processor
550 mhz
127 mb ram
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Another possibility,
How many drives are in your machine.? Win98 has a problem seeing drives beyond E
Go to start, run and type sysedit
Open your config.sys file
Add the line "lastdrive=z" without quotes.
This will allow windows to see drives beyond letter E
Go to start, run, find files or folders and search for CONFIG.TSH and try editing that with the lastdrive=z.
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