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WOW are you busy!!

OK here's what's happening. I have a 486mhz, 512kram,AMD800
Windows 98SE. When I try to install Belkin USB 4-PORT PCI CARD
it wont accept it. the computer tells me that my CONFIGMG is write protected. then it tells me to press any key to continue.
When it does open to windows it only opens in safe mode. Please help me I need the extra USB desperately.
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I can't find that file anywhere on my PC. See if you can do a find file on it and see what it's attributes are set at.
NO I can't find it either.
BY the way how come my mail envelope has a black dot on it??
I going to try and install it again to make sure thats what it said exactly.
try searching for configmg*.* My win98 has it in c:\windows\system listed as configmg.vxd under properties it is not marked read only, just archive
that file isnt there.
Maybe this is the problem?
Gosh I just love my computer!!!!!
ok it says while initializing device CONFIGMG
write protection error.
I have no idea what this means.
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