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USB 2 not working with ext harddrive

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Win xp pro service pack 2
mobo: gigabyte 8sq800 ultra

I've read similar problems to the one i've got but i think they differ slightly.

I've got a problem when connecting my Western Digital 'My Book' ext harddrive to my pc. Once connected it says it could work much faster if connected to a usb 2 port. As far as i'm aware it is usb 2. The mother board disc came with usb 2 drivers and i've tried updating as much as i can manually.

When i plug a small usb mem stick in it confirms that its usb2. But the harddrive dont like it. I tried all the usb ports with no luck, and tried it on 2 other machines and it works fine there.

Any ideas?
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elementol said:
.... How else would it work on the other computers ...
A long shot guess .. Did you install any Software for the external on this computer ???
elementol said:
... Whats the worst that could happen? ...
You'd have to delete your USB Drivers .. and Reboot to let XP restore them.

Anyway you can disable the Auto .. and have the XHD running .. manual on/off ??
I deleted the usb drivers for my computer and let xp restore them. HOw do i disable the auto on the XHD?
Don't know ... I don't have one.
Was reading the comments/reviews here ...

AltF4 says .. "The on and off is kind of confusing. don't worry about the button, just un plug the power and replug to get it on"

Anyone you know got an External HD you can try ??
Maybe it’s time to switch.

I have 3 of these and have setup 2 more for friends … no problems so far.
HD not included .. Some assembly required.
I like these because of the easy assembly and it has a front panel power switch .. no auto.

I prefer “enclosures” so I can move the HDs if needed ... which also gives me backup hardware.
I can also use these to extract data from a HD in case one of my friends has a problem booting up.

A couple of weeks ago ..
Best Buys had a sale on WD 250gigs w 16MB cache at $59 … limit 2 .. so I got 2.

If you still have USB problems (which I doubt) .. You could go Firewire.


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gunna try another ext hd on my comp once this copying finishes, then i'll get back to you
hmmm just tried my bro's ext hd caddy and it works fine on my usb2 slots. I guess its just western digital extHD dont like my SiS chip inside. Some sort of incompatability.
Not an awfully uncommon issue. I stick with the NEC chipset USB expansion cards for that reason. Of course, when they're built into the MB, you have to take what they give you. :)
Are you saying a PCI > USB card might fix this ??
Certainly with a try. I will only use card with TI chipset which means Adaptec or nothing.
A PCI <-> USB 2.0 card is totally independent of the MB chipset. I'm going to disagree with Rich here, I stick to the NEC chipset, they've never failed me. They were also the first ones with a USB 2.0 chipset, and established the model that Windows programmed for, probably why they work so well. :) I do confess that I've never used the TI chipset, so it may be quite reliable, I just happen to know for sure the NEC chipset is.
You could be right John because I am arriving at my conclusion with reverse strategy. Only usb or 1394 cards I have ever had not fail are Adaptec and Orange Micro (which is now history) and they both used only TI chipsets. I seldom identify a brand as perfect but so far this one is. By the same token I have seldom had any success at all with Via chipset of any kind on anything, but especially usb 2.0 cards and 1394 cards.
Well since i'm not going to be using this computer after i copy everything off it i can only hope it works on whatever other computer i plug it into (or just steer clear of SiS)

I sent an email to western digital support but i might be waiting until next xmas for a response if any.
or just steer clear of SiS
steer clear of Via
These are Commandments number 1 and 2 of happy computing!
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