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USB 2 not working with ext harddrive

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Win xp pro service pack 2
mobo: gigabyte 8sq800 ultra

I've read similar problems to the one i've got but i think they differ slightly.

I've got a problem when connecting my Western Digital 'My Book' ext harddrive to my pc. Once connected it says it could work much faster if connected to a usb 2 port. As far as i'm aware it is usb 2. The mother board disc came with usb 2 drivers and i've tried updating as much as i can manually.

When i plug a small usb mem stick in it confirms that its usb2. But the harddrive dont like it. I tried all the usb ports with no luck, and tried it on 2 other machines and it works fine there.

Any ideas?
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Disconnect your My Book drive and turn it off using the front switch. (You will have to push kind of hard on the bottom of the circle. It takes a second to shut down, so wait.) Now, with the drive off, connect it back to your system. The drive should automatically come on and connect properly.

The problem is that the drive only runs the setup when it first comes on. That way, it can automatically shut down when you turn off your computer and vice versa. But, it has to start in the off state.

The USB cable that comes with the drive is a standard USB cable--nothing special. Any standard USB cable will do the trick.

(By the way, did you get the 160GB $40 from Best Buy? That's what I just got--awesome!)

Courtney sends....
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