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USB 2 not working with ext harddrive

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Win xp pro service pack 2
mobo: gigabyte 8sq800 ultra

I've read similar problems to the one i've got but i think they differ slightly.

I've got a problem when connecting my Western Digital 'My Book' ext harddrive to my pc. Once connected it says it could work much faster if connected to a usb 2 port. As far as i'm aware it is usb 2. The mother board disc came with usb 2 drivers and i've tried updating as much as i can manually.

When i plug a small usb mem stick in it confirms that its usb2. But the harddrive dont like it. I tried all the usb ports with no luck, and tried it on 2 other machines and it works fine there.

Any ideas?
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Do you have your chipset drivers installed.

You need these and WIN XP SP 1 and 2 to get USB 2 working properly.

Look in Device Manager for the term "Enhanced" against USB devices.

If the drive is only USB powered you may need to use a separate power supply for the drive.


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