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USB 2 not working with ext harddrive

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Win xp pro service pack 2
mobo: gigabyte 8sq800 ultra

I've read similar problems to the one i've got but i think they differ slightly.

I've got a problem when connecting my Western Digital 'My Book' ext harddrive to my pc. Once connected it says it could work much faster if connected to a usb 2 port. As far as i'm aware it is usb 2. The mother board disc came with usb 2 drivers and i've tried updating as much as i can manually.

When i plug a small usb mem stick in it confirms that its usb2. But the harddrive dont like it. I tried all the usb ports with no luck, and tried it on 2 other machines and it works fine there.

Any ideas?
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You may need a new cable for the drive or the proper cable.
Noyb said:
I've seen this before .. not sure what the problem is.
But just maybe .. Reformat and Reload the External ...
As I remember, this worked for me on another USB external type.
That was just done to no avail....
Noyb said:
But not on the USB external .. ??? right ???
He said he reloaded Windows .. He wouldn't have done this in the USB external.
Ah Ok I didn't realize you were talking about the drive.
Certainly with a try. I will only use card with TI chipset which means Adaptec or nothing.
You could be right John because I am arriving at my conclusion with reverse strategy. Only usb or 1394 cards I have ever had not fail are Adaptec and Orange Micro (which is now history) and they both used only TI chipsets. I seldom identify a brand as perfect but so far this one is. By the same token I have seldom had any success at all with Via chipset of any kind on anything, but especially usb 2.0 cards and 1394 cards.
or just steer clear of SiS
steer clear of Via
These are Commandments number 1 and 2 of happy computing!
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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