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Urgent help Please

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I have this error messages in the Event Viewer

DNS server unable to interpret format and

Master browser, with an election to be performed

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Have you checked the Microsoft Knowledge Base?

For the "DNS server unable to interpret format" try looking here:;en-us;259277

For the "Master browser, with an election to be performed" try looking at these links:
Thank you very much Johnwill for your info, I did found the problem for the Netlogon. Regarding the Master browser, the only XP laptop in a Window 2000 network is trying to be the Master browser, with a reboot of the server can I fix the problem. (Microsoft idea)
Netlogon question: To resolve the netlogon 5774 error message in event viewer, I need to add DNS in the multistring window in the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon

Since I only have this problem with a XP machine in a W2000 network, and no problems with the W2000 machines, will this change solve the XP PC and cause problems to the W2000 PCs.
Thank You
You can disable the XP machine from attempting to be the Master Browser, which will sometimes bring sanity to the network. I use X-Setup to adjust these settings, but you can also hack the registry directly, I believe that's also in the MS-KB. I just find X-Setup much easier for a lot of these settings, it's the lazy in me. :D
Great site, will download and try the X-setup. appreciate your help, I help other people with your suggestion i have read in other threats, especially with the Netbeui protocol. :up:
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