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urgent!!!!!! cartridge problem

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I've just got canon bjc 2000 printer
the problem is about cartridge
i've got BC-21e cartridge but when i try to print any document the computer keeps saying to replace photo BC-22e cartridge with BC-21e or black.
why does it say that when on my cartridge it clearly says that it is bc-21e?
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i don't get it quite
my computer recognizes my cartridge as bc-22e and tells me to change it to bc-21e, how do i do that and why is it that it says to me that i have bc-22e when i can see when i remove my cartgridge that it is bc-21-e
thanks for replying
I thought about it too, but as far as I know in BC-22e holder you can place
only one cart(that's how I read about it in manual) but in BC-21e cart
holder there is place for two separate cartridges,one in colour and another
black which is exactly how my cart looks like
i'll try that and to download new drivers
i know it's quite old printer but thing is i got it for free and thought why not use it especially when i have few new spare cartridges along with it
i tried all things said above but it just keeps seeing it as bc-22e
what annoys me most is the fact that the printer worked properly before but it seems like something went wrong on its way to me
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