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I wasnt sure where best to post this so have posted it here and in the XP Forum. I apologise if you have read it twice..........
I really hope someone can help me. I have a pentium 3 pc, running windows xp. I have 2 slots for RAM memory and the pc originally came with one 64mb card / chip. Ages ago I used the other slot to put in a 128mb memory chip with no problems.
I have since bought a 256mb chip and tried to put it in the slot where the 64mb card was. But only 128mb of the memory will show. I tried changing to the other slot, taking the other chip out and only 128mb of this chip will show on my machine. When I put in the new 256mb memory and old 128mb together they show 261mb together, so it doesnt seem like the memory is limited to a maximum (but I may be wrong). But when I put in the 256mb card on its own it will again only show 128mb.
I sent the 256mb card back and bought a new one (corsair) and it is exactly the same.
I have looked in XP and cant find anything to help me solve this problem so I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me.
If you can explain things in really simple terms I would really appreciate that too.
Thanks a lot
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