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Upgrading from windows 7 to 10

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Hi everyone!!
I have just finished a pc build for my first time ;) but I had 1 problem. I used my sister’s old SSD (not that old, 2-3 years) and it has windows 7 on him. The pc loaded the BIOS and it detected all the devices plug into the pc. But I couldn’t boot to the SSD. Does the reason might be because it’s an old OS? Is there an option to upgrade the SSD to windows 10, and keep all the data in it?
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You need to make a fresh install of Windows 10 in your computer. Your sisters W7 OS won't work on your computer.
You cannot remove a SSD containing Windows 7 from another computer and install it in your newly-built computer.

You need to install Windows 7 in the SSD in the computer it's going to be used in.

But there may be a problem doing that in your newly-built computer.

It's my guess its hardware (motherboard, processor, etc.) is too new to support Windows 7.

Hopefully, you can re-install that SSD back in your sister's computer and Windows 7 can still load and work.

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