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Upgrade Wind95 to 98

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We have 2 computers with 98, one with ME and one with 95.
We would like to give the 95 to our grandson but would like to know if we can upgrade it to 98 and the new games do not work with 95. Can you use one of our 98 discs to upgrade to this computer? If so how is the best way to do that?

Thank you for you usual good replies.
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Well MS wouldn't particulalry like it and it probably violates your EULA, but if you have an original WIN 98 upgrade cd, it certainly should be able to upgrade your WIN 95 to WIN 98.
Do you think you can still purchase a 98 upgrade cd?
Well, if you really want to, sure. MS will luv you for it! You can check out good on-line prices here:

Most of the computer stores have taken the Windows 98SE upgrade CD off their shelves. You can probably buy it cheaper on-line anyway.

Before you make the upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows 98SE(which is a good move), you might want to read here first.

Good luck with the upgrade.

Frank's Windows 95/98 Tips:)
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