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Upgrade to Win 7 no good

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I have a HP Pavilion zv5000 notebook PC P/N PF119UA#ABA. It came with Win XP Home Edition. A friend of mine said he could upgrade it to Win 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1. Now I have no audio, base system device, multimedia controller, ATISMBus software or drivers. I have tried downloading, reinstalling, updating.... Nothing works. Please Help. Thank you
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howdy, welcome to TSG. Probably should have run the W7 compatibility checker on that, as there ARE no drivers for W7 in that model. If you have your XP install disk, I'd reinstall and go from there.
Is there any way to at least get my audio on. I don't have the XP disc. I bought it "as is". Had no idea the upgrade would mess it up so bad.
If there are no drivers made for Windows 7 for that machine, there is no way to get the audio to work.
Is there any way to go back to the Win XP Home Edition without having the disk?
If your system came with a Recovery Partition or Recovery Disk, yes.

Otherwise, you will need to order the Recovery Disk from HP.
I was told there are no drivers for my HP Pavilion zv5000 P/N PF119UA#ABA. A friend said he could upgrade it to Win 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1. I have nothing now. Is there any possible way to at least get my audio on? Thanks
Technically, the upgrade didn't mess it up; your buddy stating that W7 would work on that rig did, as W7 simply will NOT work on that rig. The pc just did what it was told.....
merged your threads together, please do not create duplicate threads for the same issue, as it can get confusing.


Thank y'all. I appreciate you taking time to answer me.
You can sometimes get drivers from the hardware vendor who actually mfg the hardware. As an example if your laptop uses realtek audio, you can sometimes download the driver from the realtek site. However you may not have all of the features that would be available when you use the drivers that are provided by the maker of your laptop.

In short, you already have the best advise; ie reinstall the os that came with your laptop. If you want to attempt to search for drivers, that is up to you however IF it were me, I would reinstall xp. If you do not have a recovery partition or install disks, you can generally purchase them from the laptop maker. Another option would be to install linux on the laptop.

For future reference, when you install an os, the very first thing you do is check for driver support for your hardware. Download all of the drivers, patches, service pack, etc and store those on a flash drive. This makes the install go much easier. Doing this first would have saved you some time and effort.
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