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upgrade from 98se to XP -advice welcomed

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It's just time to do it I think. I've had my share of badness and freeze ups. I'm thinking I would like to start as clean as possible.
Is it best to reformat the drive or just attempt the upgrade?

Is there an easier way to back up and re-load my files after an upgrade rather than burning them onto disks? I have a work laptop available and I'm wondering if there is a way to link the two and move the files or programs back and forth.

Should I keep the hard drive partitioned? If so, what should go where?

I'm running 98se with
850 mz AMD
256 RAM
40g partitioned hard drive with 5 g available on C: and 8g on D:
(I will make room for more)

Alrighty then- I'm looking forward to your feedback!!
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