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Updating the drivers

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I don’t know how I should update the drivers on my Sony Vaio SVL2412M1EB Windows 7 64-bit PC. I don’t know where is the best place on the internet that has the latest drivers. It’s where I did update some drivers using IOBIT Driver Boost, then was told how there are so many infections using IOBIT, so I had to set the computer to an earlier recovery date. Right now as I turn on my PC, I get a message saying, “Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes”, and takes an hour before the screen goes black, then the normal “Starting Windows” with the Windows icon, and after that saying “Welcome” and I can access my PC.
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It appears to me that it is NOT a driver issue but that the hard drive is on it's way out.
For your drivers....go directly to your laptops support webpage.
Will that work even though my PC model is SVL2412M1EB?
Sorry about that.....No.

What is that exact model number because that one is not showing up in Sony's SVL series product support.
So it seems this is a UK PC.......this is the closest I can get to that product number.
Yes, it is a UK PC since I am from the UK. I am sorry, I should've mentioned that.
Thank you so much for that.
One Windows 7 computer is from 2009(desktop), another 2011 (netbook), and the last two 2013 (desktop and netbook). All running Windows 7, some 32 bit some 64 bit.

I have never updated any drivers!

Are you having a problem? The only time you should update a driver is if you are having a specific issue.

Problems are caused by updating drivers that should not be changed and using registry cleaners that remove things that shouldn't be removed. Avoid doing both to your computer.
To everyone. Thank you all so much for your replies.
What I had to do was where there are a certain number of updates on my computer with Windows Update, I had to restart the PC and the problems seem to have stopped.
I feel stupid making this thread since it was something that easy, yet I was being paranoid.

Again, thank you all.
No, don't apologize for seeking help. Others might read this thread and figure out a problem computer would need the same fix.
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