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updates to win95 OSR2 OEM version??

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I'm having problems getting my PCI cards to work on my new PIII machine.. I'm running WIN95 OSR2 because I HATE IE and I don't want it all over my desktop..

hunting around on the MS site today I found Knowledge base article Q164873 which refers to a known problem in my version of Windows.. and to the file that fixes it.. however, because its an OEM version, the file is not available from the MS website.. and there is this cryptic message that says "contact MS Tech Support for additional information about the avialability of this update".. course, nothing I tried works on the MS Website becuase I use Netscape rather than IE.. :)

MS just makes me grumpy..

does anyone know where I might be able to get this updated OEM file, PCI.VXD Version 4.00.1116 (or higher) dated 2/19/97 or later... my version of this file is dated in 96...

thanks for any help
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Hi there LeftyLady.

I'm no expert on PCI cards or their updating but this link will take you to a site that claims to have all Windows 95 updates. A cursory glance shows files for various PCI VXD 4.00 versions so it might be worth a look see:

There is an e-mail contact point for the site so you might get assistance through that.

Hope this proves useful.
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