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Updated to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, USBs not working

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I recently bought a new Asus laptop. I got it for a cheaper price since they were stopping selling it. Included in the price was installation and setup of the laptop, with Windows 10.

I cannot remember what might have caused problems, but I got stuck into the Asus loading screen.
I reset the computer, which made it go to Windows 8.1. I do not recall them giving me a windows 10 installation disk, which is why I googled up that I can still download and install windows 10 even now, from my 8.1 system.
After the installation everything else seemed perfectly fine, but none of my USB ports were working (error code 39, yellow triangles). I tried a lot of things that were adviced online, including uninstalling the three things under 'USB', using windows troubleshooting, rebooting.

There were only three of them when I was running Windows 10. Two of them were identically (I believe) as you see underlined in red in the picture (8.1 version I just reinstalled). The last one underlined with purple had a slightly different name I recall (1 instead of 0100), when my USB ports were not working.

I reset to factory settings once again and my USB ports were working again, and I noticed that in this 8.1 version there were a lot more things under 'USB' category.

I was wondering if there is a way to install Windows 10 without making my USB ports obsolete again.

P.s apologies for the imprecise explanations. I can provide more information as per request if it can help solve this issue. Thank you in advance.
P.s.s When I tapped 'f9' in the startup to go to reset the PC, my usb port was working. I know this because my usb-wireless mouse could be used to navigate the screen that comes


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The Ports not working cold be the USB 3.0 ports ( the blue ones on the laptop)
If I provide the model no' of the laptop we could maybe find the drivers
The laptop model is G551J
Is this your laptop???

Choose the OS in the drop down
Windows 10 64 bit???
Then download the chipset driver
Install then reboot
I recently bought a new Asus laptop
The laptop model is G551J
Font Number Parallel Document Screenshot

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Yes indeed, the laptop is G551J based on what reads on the back of the laptop, so not G551JW
Driver booster suggested near to 20 updates, but I only updated audio/sound marked drivers so far since I wasn't sure if upgrading the USB drivers, or other drivers, would somehow affect my chances of a succesful Win10 upgrade.

Additionally, there is a problem in going to the menu by tapping f9 at startup. In that menu there is a claim for most of the recovery/repair options that I cannot do that without being signed in as an administrator of the pc. I created a password for a local account. I cannot connect to my microsoft account at the moment. In other words, If I update to Windows 10 at the moment, my best guess is that the only thing I will be able to do in the aforementioned menu is full system reset that reverts it to 8.1 and deletes all my files.
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Driver booster suggested near to 20 updates
You should avoid Driver Booster or any other third-party driver scanner.
They are notorious for finding and installing outdated or incompatible drivers and causing some devices to no longer work.

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