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Update windows XP to Windows 10

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ok. i have a problem. this computer was owned by my uncle for 5 years before he gave it to my grandfather who has had it for 2 years. i am trying to remove all admin controls because my uncle graduated college with a few IT degrees or whatnot. basically i cant download anything or play a game. mozilla will crash due to how old the software is, it wont let me try to override admin control enough to do anything. i cant view videos on two of the three browsers i have, (my uncle is a very overprotective ass, pardon my language) im not able to play online games with my friends due to the controls and the outdated flash on this thing and i need to know how i can remove admin to update it to windows 10. my first choice was to wipe the hard drive entirely but i dont have a windows 10 installer CD. im not entirely sure what to do because ive called my uncle to ask for the admin password but he lies and says he doesnt remember it. mom and i both know he's full of ****.
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Buy a Windows 10 license, wipe the system and install Windows 10.

I always advise that if you receive a used computer, wipe the system and install the OS of choice.
ok, is there a code or command prompt on how to wipe the system?
Before you attempt to upgrade it to Windows 10, give us the computer brand and serial number or service tag number. Check to see if there are any drivers available for Windows 10. Check on the label under or on the side of your computer to see what year was it made. If it is Windows XP I think that you won't be able to update it to Windows 10. You may be lucky if you can upgrade it to Windows 7 but not sure about it.
The only suggestion I can think of is to make a fresh install of Windows XP, but believe you won't have any installation CD's available and/or the drivers CD.
If it came with XP, I'm guessing the computer is about 10 years old. (My old tower was bought in 2009 and came with XP. After that, it was all Windows 7, which arrived July 22, 2009).
There is no update path from XP to 10.

As far as outdated flash, flash gets updated one a month at minimum and the current version of flash 32.0.142 (Feb. 12, 2019) runs on XP. So the flash should not be outdated unless nothing has been updated since april 2014 when XP stopped receiving patches from MS.

Personally, I wouldn't try and run Win 10 on 10 year old hardware. You'd probably need a larger, newer hard drive, more RAM and perhaps in time a power supply.
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