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Update Driver?

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i belive i have to update my driver fro WoW, but i dont know how can someone help me?
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But first you have to share with us the details on the make and model of video card and PC.
Only then could we determine if what you want is possible, where to get it and how to do it.

Mind reading is prohibited by the forum rules, so we have to get this info the old way, by you telling us...
Also this is your third post on the related matter, it really would pay to stick to one for any help.
The description is a bit generic, are you saying that the tower case has no product number on it?

Such as HP Pavilion a735w or a1118x or something?

Do you actually have a video card, or is it "on-board" (integrated) graphics?

This tells how to find the "product number"
That model has an AGP slot, you will need to buy a good AGP Video card. "On Board" video will not cut it for gaming, hence the error messages and complaints of "no accelleration" (from your other posts).
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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