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Unsure if M.2 SSD is compatible with my available M.2 slot.

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Hey folks,

I have a G5 5500 that I'm looking to add an additional M.2 SSD to. The link has a decent breakdown of the machine.

I'm looking at installing this 2TB M.2 SSD into the second slot. <- See link.

Would anyone be able to tell me if I'm going to cripple my laptop if I do this?

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It took me too long to find the documentation for this model but I got it. Pretty sure this confirms that I would have messed up my machine had I installed an SSD into that slot. If anyone more tech savvy than me can confirm though I'd still appreciate it.



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From what I can determine:
Your laptop is designed to use 2 separate M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe solid state drives.
Their individual capacities can't be more than 1 TB.
Someone else here can correct me if I'm wrong.

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