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My computer has been freezing up on me lately (no mouse or keyboards functions) for a few minutes at a time. Shortly after that happens I get a window that says "you have unplugged your CD-Rom, and then one that says I have unplugged my CD-RW". After that, when I open My Computer, neither of the drives are shown, but the freezing stops. I must reboot my computer in order to access these drives again. And that doesn't always work either. Lately I can't get the computer to detect these drives at all. Can someone please explain what could possibly be going on? I have had the computer for over a year, tried replacing the memory, even installed a new hard drive, still the same problem.
I downloaded and installed the SP2 Express update and that didn't help.
Here are my systems stats:

Compaq Presario 5838
Windows 2000 Pro
Western Digital Ultra ATA/100 40 gig hard drive
384 MB Centon SDRAM PC133
3dfx Voodoo3 1000 2XAGP 3D Graphics
16 MB Video Memory

If anyone can help, please do!

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