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Unknown Laptop issue

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Here's what I'm working with:
Acer Aspire V5-571p laptop.

I have reset the Bios, held the power button for 2 minutes, and even replaced the mobo battery, laptop battery. As I'm installing Windows 10 from USB, at approximately 50%, my screen goes black, and on the far left side of the screen there is a vertical dotted red line. Could this signify anything? I have watched youtube video after YouTube video, but to no avail.

Thanks in advance for any replies and time taking to help me out.
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My suspect is that the screen has gone bad. Red dotted line is the indicator.
This makes a little sense as the screen does appear to glitch out during the windows installation process.
Just to be sure, re-generate another Windows setup DVD or USB memory stick with the MS Media Creation Tool. Just to verify that it is not the installation media that is causing the problem.
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I'll test it again. Thanks again
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