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Uninstalled Camera in Device Manager - Can't get it back

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I have a Lenovo Yoga 910 VF on Windows 10. A few days ago my camera stopped working. The F8 key would show a camera picture with a slash through it. I looked at many forums and have tried:

- checking camera privacy settings
- updating the driver
- uninstalling / reinstalling the Lenovo EasyCamera in Device Manager- this is when things went bad
- Imaging Devices disappeared from the device manager
- getting new drivers from the website - still can't recognize camera
- I tried creating a registry key "EnableFrameServerMode" in the Windows Media Foundation > Platform registry
- I tried system restore which failed so
- then I reset my PC and had to do a clean install of windows 10

I feel like I have tried everything but I am pretty sure it is not a hardware failure especially since the easycamera was showing up in the registry and the problems exacerbated after trying to uninstall/reinstall.

The laptop is just over the one year warranty but I would be very appreciative of any help.
If anyone is out there who can advise please let me know. I've updated all the windows updates and everything.

Thank you.
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Hi. Just checking back to see if anyone has any suggestions. Also I wanted to try if OneKey install might work but I can't find it after clean install. Any suggestions?
Have you tried going here
If that is not your exact model , use "Detect model" on right side or enter serial number for driver.
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