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Underperforming power supply?

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A vendor shipped my company a Cad rendering computer consisting of the following:
2.4ghz proc
2ghz ram
ati radeon 9800 pro video
300 watt power supply

The computer has been locking up about once a day. The machine is used for looking a medical images utilizing java and cad. my first idea was that the power supply is grossly underpowered for this computer. Does anyone agree with this? Would a computer lockup be consistent with a weak power supply?

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300watts is meaningless, you need the ACTUAL output or TCW of the 3.3v and 5v lines

Many 300watt psus are rated MAX which basically means the PSU ISN"T 300watts at all but can surg to that amount briefly.

But the PSU may have NOTHING to do with the lockups, many times a poor motherboard, failing video card, improperly attached heatsync, or a bad HD can all cause lockups.

Good Luck
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