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Unable to find "Folder options"

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I am using Windows XP professional v5.1 on my laptop. i cannot see "Folder options" in the tools tab of the menu/control panel. Does anyone have a resolution for this?

~Thanks in Advance
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Go to Start >> Run

In Run type regedit.

In regedit navigate to:


In the right pane look for "NoFolderOptions", be sure the "Value Data" is set to "0".

To change "Data", double click on "NoFolderOptions". In the box that opens type the number 0, click OK.
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May I ask how you resolved the issue? Not only for my own curiosity, but for others that may have the same problem. :)
When you tried to run regedit were you presented with an error message? Can you open regedit by typing regedit.exe in the run box?
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