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I am using a P4 1.5 MHz system with 512 MB RAM, 64 MB Gforce MX card, new 80 GB hard disk with 4 partitions each 20 GB.

My OS is, Windows XP with SP2 installed.

I am getting error that my virtual meory is low(page file size).
When I change the settings using the System icon in the control panel, still it
reports the page file size as 0 MB only.

I re-booted after changing, tried System Managed Size option.
But still the page file size remains as 0 only.

The free drive space on my 80 GB HDD is as follows :
C : 11.4 gb
D : 18.0 gb
E : 16.4 gb
F : 11.0 gb

I set the page file size on C as 2000 to 2000Mb.and re-booted the system. But still the virtual memory reports only as follows :

Total paging file size for all drives

Minimum allowed 2 Mb
Recommended : 766 Mb
Currently allocated : 0 Mb

When I press the set button after the new settings it shows the changes for the drive and then asks to reboot. After re-booting it says "Either no page file or virtual memory too low"

I tried re-booting in safe mode too. Still the change is not effected.
Can any body help me? Thanks.
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