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unable to attach to Logical Disk Manager service

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Hi. In my Computer Management application, I get an "Unable to attach to Logical Disk Manager service" error when trying to look at Disk Management.

How can I solve this? The reason why I'm running this program is because I got a new I/O Magic Gigabank, and a drive letter isn't assigned to it when it's plugged in. I/O Magic's solution is to run this Computer Management application, see here
but it isn't operating as it should be.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


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Although it may sound obvious, it still has to be asked: is your user an administrator account?

If yes, the next place to check is in Computer Management > Services and Applications > Services. Check both the Logical Disk Manager and the Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service are at least set to Manual under Startup Type.
Hmm. That's an interesting one.

Does the I/O Magic flash drive work on other machines?
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