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Unable To Access Files Using Website URL

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I am trying to install UserSpice to my website. I've already tested everything using XAMPP and whatnot on my computer. When I put the install files in a folder called "wheel" (which I was told to do in a tutorial that skipped steps leading to this nonsense) to the website via FTP and go to my website by going to, I get the error

The page isn't working is currently unable to handle this request.


I have literally no clue why. I made sure the permissions were set to execute, write and read for everything just to see if that was the problem. I can't really take the files out of the "wheel" folder and put them straight into my public_html as then there will be 2 index.php files.

It's UserSpice 4 which when I tested it, does literally almost everything for me except create the database which I know how to do with my web hosting thing which is That seemed so easy and simple and in the tutorials everyone says the same thing. To just do everything the same when you're done testing, except put it in your web hosting folder using FTP, go to the website, and put /wheel or whatever folder it's put in. All the tutorials worked and I followed them exactly. What am I missing?
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In my experience, the 500 error is normally down to some php error which the browser can't pinpoint.:(
Could you post your index.php script which is in the wheels folder, please?
BTW it's best to close off your url with a "/" -
Well I see your Error 500 has disappeared and now you get:
"Sorry, the page that you requested could not be displayed because it requires Zend Guard Loader, which is not installed. The administrator of this website may download it and then install it."
Advice worth following methinks;)
What did you do to get rid of the Error 500?
In UserSpice an error 500 is almost always caused by a goofy .htaccess file in the root or a folder below your project folder. Zend isn't part of userspice, so that must be your own thing.
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