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Two PCs, Two monitors, ONE KB/Mouse?

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Is there any way possible to be able to use 2 PCs and monitors with just one keyboard & mouse?

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I looked into that option, but they're only for use with one monitor.
Thanks, all. I think I'll give some more thought to using one monitor. The other options aren't all that appealing to me.
'ppreciate the help,
At present, I have 2 PCs each with its own monitor, basically side by side. Each one is tied to our network.
I have to grab one KB to work on one PC and grab the other KB for the other PC.
My thought was to be able to work on either of the PCs with one KB/mouse, and be able to SEE what I'm doing on either system at the same time. I use the systems for various kinds of editing as well as the day to day use, so it'd be real handy t be able to watch a playback on one screen, while writing a script, letter, whatever at the same time.
Make any sense?
I've been away. Where was we?
Synergy. This looks like my best shot as you said. (Gibble)
I'll let you know if I was successful. thx. j
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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