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Two PCs, Two monitors, ONE KB/Mouse?

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Is there any way possible to be able to use 2 PCs and monitors with just one keyboard & mouse?

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Does it have to be TWO monitors? How about one? A KVM switch will let two (or more) computers share a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
Ten0000? said:
I think I'll give some more thought to using one monitor.
It might help us if we understood why and how you had in mind using two monitors. Normally, using a single monitor with multiple computers makes life simpler. Are you wanting to use one monitor with one computer and a different monitor with a second computer while sharing the same keyboard and mouse? Or are you wanting to use two monitors in a Dual Display setup with multiple computers?
Triple6 said:
Yup, you don't have to use a monitor with the KVM switch if you don't want too.
Right, but depending on the KVM switch. My D-Link 8-port switch (which I do not particularly like) uses on-screen display for navigation between computers. If one of your monitors is not connected to the KVM switch, life will be difficult. On the other hand, my 4-port Iogear switch does not rely on on-screen display, and should work fine in this scenario.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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