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Two PCs, Two monitors, ONE KB/Mouse?

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Is there any way possible to be able to use 2 PCs and monitors with just one keyboard & mouse?

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IAPC said:
It might help us if we understood why and how you had in mind using two monitors. Normally, using a single monitor with multiple computers makes life simpler. Are you wanting to use one monitor with one computer and a different monitor with a second computer while sharing the same keyboard and mouse? Or are you wanting to use two monitors in a Dual Display setup with multiple computers?
Yeah, because if it's one monitor for each computer, and a shared keyboard mouse, synergy would be perfect. If you want dual display on each then you have problems....but you could, have dual display on one, and single display on the other...which is what I may do. just split one monitor so the machine is dual display on one, single display on the other through a KVM.
rollnw24inkmc said:
if your wanting to use two pc's two monitors and one keyboard and mouse, you can. you'll need a KVM Switch and a Monitor Spilter. its a little box with 2 or more plugs for sliptin up the monitor signal more then once. now hooking it may be a little complex lol, but take your time and have fun. i seen them used in cars with more then 1 screen
Yea, but that just mirrors the screen, doesn't give you a dual display in the sense of having a larger desktop.
Synergy is EXACTLY what you want. You install it on both machines. Set one as the server, the other as a client, and you can slide your mouse from one computer, right off the edge of your screen to the other computer seamlessly. I use it between my desktop and laptop at home, so I can keep using my regular keyboard and mouse to do work on my laptop.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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